Big Dog Laundry Cart – Bigger and Better

R&B Wire Products is the perfect place to visit when you’re looking for wire laundry carts that can carry a formidable amount and stand the test of time. Not only does our product line carry a variety of standard, narrow, and economy laundry carts, we offer large capacity laundry carts for any industry need, whether it be for healthcare, hospitality, or dry cleaners.

Our large capacity carts come in standard models with single pole rack or double pole rack options. Additionally, R&B carries The Big Dog Cart, a 6 Bushel Capacity laundry cart. This is an excellent cart for industries with extra-large capacity needs. It also comes equipped with R&B’s patented Clean Wheel Caster, which prevents lint and thread pick up—making it virtually maintenance free.

R&B’s collection of industrial-sized carts are built to last and come in a variety of basket color options. If you have any questions or comments, contact us at 800-634-0555. Thank you for considering R&B Wire Products!

The Duggars use our Large Capacity Laundry Cart on the Today Show

On the Today Show, we got to see a day in the life of the Duggars. They are the Arkansas family with their own reality show. ’19 Kids and Counting’. In the Today Show segment, (in the middle of the video) we see a moment where they are doing their laundry. With that much laundry, guess which laundry cart the Duggar’s use? They have the 200F, our large capacity laundry cart. If they add more to their brood, they should look into the 200H, our 6 bushels laundry cart (Big Dog Cart). Click here to see the video.