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PRESS RELEASE: R&B Wire Products Expands US Manufacturing

Santa Ana, California -- R&B Wire Products, the leading manufacturer of wire laundry carts and linen, laundry and general transportation products, has announced today that they will be expanding their U.S. manufacturing and distribution centers to meet the ever-increasing demand.
Rick Rawlins, CEO of R&B Wire Products, confirmed today that his company would be doubling their square footage at their headquarters in Santa Ana, California.  “This investment has been in the works for several months and will allow us an even greater level of production capacity, while increasing our efficiency to deliver products more rapidly to our customers worldwide.”
R&B’s new facility will include state-of-the-art technology and automation to ultimately double its manufacturing capabilities.  “The success of many new products has made the need for this expansion more and more evident,” explained Frank Rowe, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “Our Poly Bumper Trucks, Vinyl Bumper Trucks and Antimicrobial Laundry Carts have been well received within the industries we serve.”

Santa Ana-based R&B Wire Products is a diversified manufacturer of wire, tubular steel, poly, vinyl and other sewn products.  In addition, they also offer large-scale custom manufacturing capabilities. R&B serves the coin-laundry, healthcare, hospitality, laundry, janitorial supply, material handling and car wash sectors.

Coin Laundry Innovators | Perfect Wash Express


R&B Wire recently had the chance to interview Daniel Sofranko the Founder and Owner of Perfect Wash Express in Huntington Beach, California. Sofranko's outgoing personality, sharp attention to detail and deep understanding of the industry are part of what helps keep his facility ahead of the competition.
Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center
Image Courtesy of Daniel Sofranko
 R&B Wire: How did you get into the coin laundry business?


Sofranko: It was actually from a passing comment from a friend. Once I began to research this industry (thank you CLA), and the renaissance it had undertaken, I realized I shared a lot of chemistry with it. The industry offered me the opportunity to use a simple business model to deliver an experience far and above what my customers would be expecting.

This industry grew up in the 1970’s, but has been growing wiser since the 2000’s. Leading the efforts are the machine manufacturers answering the wails of laundry owners bearing the burdens of increasing utility costs. Washers, dryers and water heating has had to become very efficient and thus more effective. With this type of technology shift, the owners have also become smarter and much more hands on. Nowadays, an increasing number of stores are offering drop-off and delivery services, which allows them to serve a wider range of residential and commercial customers from a greater distance. Store build outs are going luxurious. The days of building an unattended, laminate-covered vending machine with a roof over it are gone. Laundries are full retail businesses now, with a full staff, a wider range of service and customer service! These stores are offering granite folding surfaces, flat screen TV’s, massage chairs, juke boxes, personal safety and even clean bathrooms! This industry renaissance represents a shift from the norm in a well-established and saturated industry (which typically equates to lower margins), to a new frontier on which a new breed of laundry owners get to “clean up” the old ways and expand the industry in a new and exciting direction, while still enjoying the spoils of a well-established industry with smooth, predictable revenues. If they do it right, and understand what they are getting into, new laundry owners can enter the industry at the top!

R&B Wire: Many store owners take a lot of pride in running a ‘green’ business or 'sustainable' business.   How do you feel about this ‘green’ movement and what specific sustainability practices does your facility engage in?


Sofranko: I take a lot of pride in owning one of the most efficient laundromats around. I’m not someone who touts “green” a whole lot, but I do believe in doing my small part to not waste resources, time or energy. In my store I employ high-speed, soft-mount washers and top-of-the line dryers. I use a tank-less water heater, boasting efficiency above 90%, compact fluorescent lighting and my favorite: solar tubes. Another laundromat owner told me about solar tubes. These round skylights take in light through a dome on my roof, and defuse natural light into my store below with no hot spots.  During the long summer days, my solar tubes provide enough soothing natural lighting not have to use ANY overhead electrical lighting until dusk.  Right before dusk, it’s really cool because the light makes you feel like you're outside. We also have recycling bins and policies in place to minimize wasted products or energies.


Inside Perfect Wash Express

Image Courtesy of Daniel Sofranko

 I don’t feel you can have a conversation about a “green” business without discussing the bottom line. There are a lot of great ideas on the horizon. Many ideas are not quite mainstream yet, or even obtainable for small businesses. What I think is important are the practices that make business sense. For example, my high-speed, soft-mount washers cost over 20% more to acquire over comparable hard-mount washers. My throughput is increased by up to 50% on a busy day, and my utility costs (as a percentage of revenue - self-serve only) are about 11-12% which puts my store in the top 1% industry wide! My solar tubes came with a price tag of around $5,000 which should pay back in about 5-6 years. These eco-friendly practices all came with price tags, but they will also come with an immediate partial payback and an acceptable break-even period. These are the practices that businesses will invest in. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of new ideas and technologies, but at the end of the day, there still must be a surviving business to pay the bills.

R&B Wire: What makes your facility stand out from your competitors?


Sofranko: First and foremost it’s the people. It’s the wonderful customer service my customers receive from my attendants that makes them feel comfortable. Then it’s the state-of-the-art equipment (that made financial sense to me) that actually cleans their clothes better-- and faster! Our customers know that they will spend less time doing their laundry in my store and they will leave with cleaner laundry than expected. We go the extra mile to make sure that everyone is comfortable using our machines, our card payment system and we are going to keep them and their laundry safe, just by being there. Last but not least, they are using the cleanest store around! My staff keeps the facility sparkling clean, which shows our customers that we care.


Retail Laundry Store

State of the Art Equipment
Images Courtesy of Daniel Sofranko
R&B Wire: Where do you see your business in 5 years?


Sofranko: Oh man, my favorite question. From day one I’ve been building a system; a multi-store system with a robust delivery route. I enjoy the store front aspect of my business and I desire to expand into about a hand full of stores, topped off with a small business person. commercial laundry as its hub. The warehouse location will serve many of our large commercial clients, as well as some larger ones we don’t have the capacity to serve now. This will also relieve some of the fluff & fold pressure from the store fronts as well. The idea is to never be a factory laundry because I like people too much. I will continue to have the stores immersed in their communities. Those stores will be good citizens and their markets will have the best option of where to wash their own clothes. 

R&B Wire: Which R&B Wire carts do you have in your facility and what kind of impact have they had on your business?


Sofranko: I’ll tell you what, those carts have played no small role in our identity. I have had the displeasure of using inferior laundry carts at a commercial customer’s facility. That’s when I really started to notice all the attention to detail that R&B puts into their R&D. They roll smoothly, they don’t creak and I don’t fear for my life. Presently I use the 100E carts in my store. I have them with the blue vinyl coated baskets and gray powder coated bases. These colors help me match the carts with the identity of my store and also serve as an extra layer of protection against the corrosive salt air in my beach front store.

On each cart, I have affixed small bicycle license plates with the name of that particular cart. We have Danny & Rebecca (after my fiancé and me), Vincent (one of our customers), Angela (named after a customer and a great Mötley Crüe song), Nina (after my beloved auntie), Carlos (after the taco shop owner next door) and Jackson, my 10 year old second cousin, who lost his battle with a brain tumor a few years ago.


R&B Wire Vinyl Coated BasketsImage Courtesy of Daniel Sofranko

The attention that R&B pays to their carts is a nice touch, but their durability is also vital. I allow my customers to take our carts out to their cars, and in some very nearby cases, home and back. So they have to hold up to a tougher life than just being confined to the inside of the store.

Recently I acquired an Antimicrobial “Big Dog” Cart, which has a full-sized license plate: BIG BERTHA.  We got our first BERTHA for our commercial laundry operation. But there are those customers who come in and ask to use her specifically, and by name. Our latest BIG BERTHA has barely shown any age with that antimicrobial coating. She’s still shiny and clean. When I place my next cart order, I will keep those blue vinyl baskets because of the identity and the color they add to my store. But those bases and poles will have to be in that antimicrobial coating! Don’t tell R&B but I don’t foresee ever having to replace those, because they seem so much stronger, shhhhh.

I also employ an Antimicrobial Vinyl Basket Truck which stays at one of my commercial client’s businesses. That basket truck shaves about 20 minutes off my delivery time every week by reducing the number of trips to the van. Plus it’s an attractive item that I’ve stenciled my logo onto and wheel it across the street with pride. The antimicrobial material is more than a luxury with this basket truck as it sits in a service corridor and doesn’t seem to get grimy. It’s very easy to clean every so often as well. I plan on buying more of those as well as my commercial customer base grows.


Perfect Wash Express Van

Image Courtesy of Daniel Sofranko
R&B Wire: What have you done to adapt to the trend of facilities using larger machines?


Sofranko: BIGGER IS BETTER! This is a trend that the industry’s renaissance has developed. There’s a percentage of my customer (about 1/3 according to the CLA’s customer survey) that have access to their own laundry machines, but come to only use our 4 or 6-Loader machines for larger items. The vast majority of my customers have learned how they can save money, in addition to the time and detergent they were already saving, by loading the larger machine with more of their laundry and using them for what they were built for. R&B’s larger size carts (such as the "Standard Laundry Carts," which other customers would not be too happy about). Now they just grab a 'Big Dog' and get to work.

My 4-loader machines are by far the workhorses of my store, boasting usage numbers (T.P.D. – Turns Per Day) far in excess of industry averages. The 6-loaders, overall, are right behind them, and, as of late, just ahead of them, and growing. Perfect Wash - Express Laundry Center can boast having the most 5+ load machines within a 10 mile radius. And our customers, some who come from even further than that, have come to rely on these machines to help expedite one of their most dreaded weekly chores. In future stores (space allowing) I’m looking forward to installing Continental Girbau’s 90 lb. soft mounts, or even some 125’s!
 5+ Load MachinesImage Courtesy of Daniel Sofranko

When I’m training someone who may not have any previous experience in this industry, I always tell them to watch for when a mother comes in with a mountain of laundry. I say, “Just stand back and watch, because they know about the large machines already, they know how to use them for all they’re worth. Those busy mothers know where they can go to get all of their laundry done in a short period of time, allowing them to move on to the next chore of their day. They don’t need our help, they just want to know where the card kiosk is and for us to stay out of their way!" It’s marvelous actually.

R&B Wire: If some of our readers have questions or comments about your facility, what's the best way for them to contact you?

They can email me at or visit my website-


Is your coin laundry facility eco-friendly or cutting edge? Email your facility’s details and images to for a chance to be featured on R&B Wire’s Coin Laundry Innovators!

Protect Your Facility with R&B's Bumper Trucks | Video

The loudest complaint we have continually heard from facility managers over the years is that all of the transport products used in facilities are not made to protect the facility.  When trucks and carts hit walls, doors and equipment, they can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage annually.  These are real and ongoing costs that facilities incur year after year.  Now there is a solution!


R&B’s market research concluded that facilities in hospitality, healthcare, education and other industries are spending anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually repairing damage from transport products.  The truth is, most transport products are built to last but not built to protect the facilities.  R&B has worked diligently to develop products that are unique and will meet the needs of their customers and we have heard the complaints loud and clear about damage.  After significant research and testing, R&B introduced the first Vinyl Basket Truck with a  Fully Sewn Non-Marking Top Rim Air Cushion Bumper.  A truck built to protect your facility and save you money!  This product has had rave reviews from the onset and has made a dramatic impact immediately across all markets. 

Now R&B has introduced an option to provide this same great protection on our Standard Poly Truck Line with a mounted version of this top rim non-marking bumper.  Now you have a choice of dual facility protection – only from R&B Wire Products and our network of international distributors.



Caster FAQ's


Caster FAQ's

What's the benefit of a 'diamond caster pattern'?

A diamond caster pattern is best for moving heavy loads over uneven surfaces where the rocking effect of the diamond pattern (2 larger casters in the middle and 2 smaller casters on each end) allow you to roll the cart or truck with less strain to move a heavy load over a threshold or uneven surface(s).

What's the benefit of 'two rigid/two swivel casters'?

With larger loads it is much easier to steer with two rigid or fixed casters on one end and two swivel on the other. This allows for the attendant to maneuver the cart or truck with more control and helps facilities prevent from carts hitting walls and doors.

What's the benefit of an 'all swivel caster pattern'?

Four corner all swivel casters are great for smaller loads and where you need to navigate in and out of elevators or in tight spaces, allowing you to roll easily in any direction. For example, if you want to roll a cart directly in front of a washer or dryer in a tight space, having four corner casters simplifies this process. At times, heavy loads will make it harder to steer straight with four corner swivel casters, which can cause a truck to wander or veer. Caution should always be exercised while transporting materials.

Why larger casters?

Why do you need larger casters? Normally they are rated for higher weight capacities. A larger caster will have a larger wheel width, allowing the weight to be more evenly distributed over the width of the wheel, which makes it easier to roll. Semi-pneumatic casters and pneumatic casters will also be quieter when rolling on certain surfaces.

What is a "quiet caster"?

A "quiet caster" normally refers to a semi-pneumatic or full pneumatic caster. These are used in instances where there is a need for less noise ("wheel chatter"). These are usually larger wheel size casters of 6", 8", 10" or greater and have wider wheel footprints with softer material that should always be non-marking. The semi-pneumatic has an air or foam internal channel allowing for cushioning. The full pneumatic is an air filled tire just like a car tire.

Why choose one over the other? Both are expensive but the full pneumatic is usually more costly. Secondly, a full pneumatic can get a flat tire while a semi-pneumatic cannot. Both are quiet and can solve many noise related issues.

What are the components of a caster?

There are several components to casters – the metal yoke, the top raceway, the wheel and the internal wheel bearings. What are all these? The metal yoke is the housing that the wheel is mounted to, which allows the caster to roll. It is very important to have yokes that are heat treated or case hardened to make the metal harder and stronger. A yoke that is not heat treated will easily score with a screw driver or hard object, which means the metal is soft and can wear out more easily than if case hardened or heat treated.

Swivel casters have a top raceway where the bearing system allows the caster to rotate 360 degrees - increasing maneuverability. If the yoke is not heat treated these bearings can wear down the inside of the raceway and allow the bearings to become sloppy, causing the raceway to fail.

The material the wheels are made of varies widely and is very important - and softness or hardness matters! Many quality, non-marking wheels are made from polyurethane or TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). Many other wheels that are less expensive are made of inferior materials which can mark floors. Make sure to ask what the wheels are made of and if they are non-marking. We are proud to say that all R&B casters are non-marking!

The internal bearing(s) for the wheel itself makes it roll smoothly and straight. Inexpensive casters may not even have a wheel bearing. Open bearing systems are vulnerable to debris, which make them noisier and less efficient. A single or dual sealed bearing system is much more desirable as it enhances their effectiveness and life. A sealed bearing prevents debris from damaging the bearing which keeps the caster rolling smoothly for years. In the end you get what you pay for, so know what you are buying.

The Components of a Caster


R&B In The Media

As a staple of coin laundries worldwide since 1946, our R&B Wire laundry carts
have made appearances in countless movies, television shows
and other forms of media.
Check out some of our R&B Wire in the Media favorites!

R&B laundry cart in a Seinfeld episode
The pilot episode of Seinfeld features a
R&B laundry cart 100E58 in our almond color.

R&B Wire carts in Anchorman 2
"I love cart" -- Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig, of Anchorman 2, stand
next to 100E58 equipped with our 907 R&B Wire Rack Extenders.

R&B Wire carts in Desperate Housewives
This magazine advertisement for Desperate Housewives features
R&B Wire Cart 100E58.

R&B Wire 100E58 in The Carbonaro Effect
The Carbonaro Effect features our 100E58 and our 100T58 outfitted
with a Rack Extender (907).

R&B Wire 100E58
This coin laundry scene from Wayne's World shows a vintage 100E58.

R&B Wire 100E58 cart in Friends
In an attempt to reclaim the laundry cart from another customer, Jennifer Aniston
of Friends sits in the R&B Wire 100E58. This particular basket features a vinyl coating
in our almond color.
*Please do not sit or ride in/on any of our products*

R&B Wire cart in Catch Me if You Can
Tom Hanks uses our 100E R&B Wire laundry cart in Catch Me if You Can.

R&B laundry cart in The Americans
Alison Wright of The Americans sits in a coin laundry with a vintage R&B Wire 100E.

Coin Laundry Innovators | Spin Laundry Lounge

Portland Coin Laundry Puts Sustainability First

Welcome to R&B Wire Product’s Coin Laundry Innovators, where we showcase some of the new and exciting store concepts that are emerging in the coin laundry industry today.

R&B Wire recently had the opportunity to interview Morgan Gary, the founder and owner of Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland, Oregon. Spin Laundry Lounge includes a café and lounge for customers to enjoy while their garments are cleaned. This facility takes pride in their sustainable, eco-friendly practices.


Spin Laundry Lounge
Spin Laundry Lounge     
(Image by Nate Watters Photography)


R&B Wire: With all of your sustainability practices, have you found it difficult to keep your pricing competitive?

Spin Laundry Lounge: Not at all. By incorporating sustainability into all aspects of the business, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of energy and water we use, as well as the amount of chemicals going into the water, all the while keeping our prices competitive.

Spin Laundry Lounge Washing Machines

Spin Laundry Lounge's washing machines, on average, are 3.5 times more efficient than household laundry machines. This helps the facility to cut down on water and electricity usage.
(Image by Nate Watters Photography)


Not only do these machines save water and electricity, they also save valuable time by accepting payments by smartphone and sending users a text message when their garments are done. 
(Image by Nate Watters Photography)


R&B Wire: What kind of advice would you give other laundromat owners who are considering ‘Going Green’ like you did?

Spin Laundry Lounge: I would tell other laundromat owners that “going green” is a necessity. In the very near future, all laundromats will need to be "green" because that is what will sustain our planet. It will be vital for everyone to do their part to use less utilities and emit less toxins and chemicals into the water and atmosphere. With that in mind, all laundry operators should think about how they can start to incorporate sustainability into their business. I would let them know that it doesn’t all have to be tackled all at once. I recommend picking a few things to change right away. Then make a list of green practices you’d like to initiate in the next few months, and some large plans you’d like to accomplish in the next few years. By splitting it all up, it makes taking the first step to go green much more manageable and attainable. I hope to inspire others so together we can reduce the environmental impact of the laundry industry.


R&B Wire: How do you see the concept of sustainability appearing in coin laundries in the future?

Spin Laundry Lounge: I see sustainability becoming a focus of coin laundries in the future. I think most laundry operators will concentrate on purchasing energy efficient washers and dryers. But I hope that sustainability will be integrated into all aspects of the business. I also see a shift in laundry products from those with chemicals and synthetic fragrances to natural ones with far less chemicals. Those two sustainable efforts alone will make a significant impact in the industry!


R&B Wire: What are some things that coin laundry owners reading this article can easily implement today to reduce their facility’s carbon footprint?

Spin Laundry Lounge: Here are a few things that owners could implement today:
  • Switch to LED lighting 
  • Make sure to have clearly labeled trash and recycling bins. We even have a bin for customers to put their empty soap containers in that we rinse out and recycle. 
  • Use only eco-friendly soap brands that are biodegradable, free of harsh chemicals, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.
  • Buy soap in bulk to cut down on packaging waste. 
  • Use powder detergent instead of liquid detergent. The only difference between liquids and powders is that the liquid detergents add water and this makes them less concentrated, heavier and much more expensive to ship.
  • Use an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to dryer sheets. At Spin, we sell Wool Dryer Balls that our customers love. The dryer balls work similar to a dryer sheet  –  they eliminate static and wrinkles, as well as help reduce drying time.

    Nellies Dryerballs

    Nellie's All Natural Dryerballs, Oxygen Brightener and Laundry Soda. Nellie's Laundry Soda features a non-toxic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic formula, which comes free with every wash at Spin Laundry Lounge. 
    (Image by Nate Watters Photography)


    R&B Wire: How do you communicate your green practices to potential customers?

    Spin Laundry Lounge: Our green initiatives are on our website and are clearly outlined in our annual Sustainability Report. We want to be transparent about what exactly we are doing to lighten our footprint. Once customers come in to do laundry, our attendants enjoy educating them about our sustainability practices and the efficiency of our equipment.


    R&B Wire: How did the other products and services you offer come about?

    Spin Laundry Lounge: My main goal was to change the laundromat experience. I wanted to create an environment that customers would feel comfortable in and a space they would enjoy. The café and seating area fosters community and brings our customers and neighbors together. From laundry products, to café vendors, to our wash and fold service, everything is focused around sustainability. Each aspect of the business was thought about with the environment and community in mind.

     Spin Laundry Lounge's Cafe and Bar

    Spin Laundry Lounge's layout includes a café and bar, which brings people together in an enjoyable environment.
    (Image by Nate Watters Photography)


    R&B Wire: How does your store’s unique design help you meet your goals?

    Spin Laundry Lounge: I wanted to create an inviting atmosphere and experience, and that starts with the design of the space. Our old warehouse building, complete with clean branding and fun colors, gets our customers excited to do their laundry. We are so happy to provide our customers with a modern and eco-friendly place to wash their clothes.

    User friendly: The facility includes easy-to-read graphics to help demystify the often confusing laundry process.
    (Image by Nate Watters Photography)


    R&B Wire: From the large selection of laundry carts we offer, what was your reasoning behind choosing the Front Load Wire Carts.

    Spin Laundry Lounge: I chose the Front Load Wire Carts because they fit right up against the bottom of the washer openings. That allows customers to easily unload their laundry from the washer and into the cart.

    R&B's Front Load Laundry Cart

    R&B's Front Load Laundry Cart

     R&B's Front Load Laundry Cart fits right in with the modern, simplistic design of the facility.
    (Image by Nate Watters Photography)


    R&B Wire: How many different R&B Wire products do you have in your facility?

    Spin Laundry Lounge: Right now we are just using your Front Load Wire Carts. When we first opened we started out with 12 but were quickly running out of them. I ordered more and now we have 17 of them. Our customers love the carts!


    R&B Wire: Have you found our products to be helpful in your facility for things other than laundry?

    Spin Laundry Lounge: Yes! They definitely get used the most to move laundry from the washer to the dryer, but we also put our groceries in the carts to easily move them from our Spin van into our café.

    The Spin Laundry Lounge is able to go mobile in style.
    (Image by Nate Watters Photography)
    Morgan Gray has been gracious enough to let our readers contact her at with any questions about starting or running a sustainable laundry facility.
    Is your coin laundry facility eco-friendly or cutting edge? Email your facility’s details and images to for a chance to be featured on R&B Wire’s Coin Laundry Innovators!

    Third Generation Rawlins Joins R&B Team

    Press Release

    For Immediate Release

    August 11, 2016


    Third Generation Rawlins Joins R&B Wire Products


    Santa Ana, California -- R&B Wire Products

    CEO Rick Rawlins is pleased to announce the third generation Rawlins as the newest member of the team. The addition of Grant Rawlins comes exactly 50 years after his grandfather, Rea Rawlins, purchased the company, and 42 years after his father, Rick, joined.

    Grant graduated in April from Pepperdine University with his Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. He stated that he looks forward to bringing his team-focused mentality to the company which was taught to him by his water polo coaches (6x Olympian Terry Schroeder and current Olympic goalie Merrill Moses) during his collegiate career. Grant stated, “I’m looking forward to contributing to the company’s success while continuing the legacy that my grandfather started 50 years ago.”

    Frank Rowe, VP, Sales & Marketing expressed, “This is a great legacy at R&B for Grant to be involved in with such a rich family history and being able to take his education and put it into use immediately. His athletic training is a testament to his drive and focus which is a huge plus for our team.”

    Rick Rawlins stated, “I’m excited to see Grant pairing his Pepperdine marketing education with R&B’s global strategy in order to secure the company’s growing position as the industry leader.”


    Santa Ana-based R&B Wire Products is a diversified manufacturer of wire, tubular, poly, and vinyl bushel products. In addition, they also offer small and large scale custom manufacturing. R&B Wire’s product line serves the coin-laundry, healthcare, hospitality, laundry, janitorial supply, material handling and car wash sectors. As the industry leader, R&B is the standard in the laundry cart business, and has been since its inception in 1946. Immediate Press Release: Third Generation Grant Rawlins Joins R&B Team
    Rea and Rick in 1976
    40 Years Later: Rick and Grant in 2016 

    Please also see the Press Release at





    R&B’s New Antimicrobial Laundry Carts Boost CLA’s Charity

    R&B Wire Products recently donated two of their brand new Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Carts to the Coin Laundry Association’s Excellence in Laundry Conference 2016 in Ojai, CA. These carts were part of an auction to benefit the CLA’s LaundryCares Foundation.

    R&B Wire Products wanted to give a huge “Thank you!” to Chris Balestracci and Super Wash Laundry of East Haven, Connecticut for purchasing these carts and helping them support the LaundryCares Foundation.

    The LaundryCares Foundation was created to help give back to the communities who support coin laundries around the country by providing "Free Laundry Days" and various other outreach programs. Follow @LaundryCares on Twitter for more details and upcoming events.


    Monsi, Chris Balestracci, and Jenn from Super Wash Laundry are enjoying their new Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Carts.

    Caster Maintenance

    Keeping your laundromat clean and tidy shows customers that you are concerned about their positive laundry experience. Your customers use your laundry carts as much as, or more than, your washers and dryers. Customers also expect all of your equipment to be in top-notch shape.  This helps bring customers back and creates ongoing revenue!

    Just like all other laundromat equipment, laundry carts need to be maintained too. Taking care of your laundry carts shows your customers that you care.  Taking the time to clean your carts and wipe them down routinely with a cleaning agent or damp cloth works nicely. This goes for the rack, basket, base and casters. Be sure to wipe the carts down immediately with a dry cloth to remove the moisture and debris – keeping your carts bright and dry. Your customers will notice and appreciate this routine maintenance.

    The trickiest part of this maintenance process is taking care of the casters – the only moving parts on a laundry cart. The raceway, which allows the caster to swivel, and the internal precision bearings, which allow the caster to roll, are the two “Achilles Heels” of a caster. This is due to the fact that these two components tend to attract hair, lint and other debris, causing the caster to make noise, not roll smoothly or even lock up. Think about the last time you were at the supermarket and the shopping cart you were pushing had a jammed wheel full of hair, lint and other debris – not a pleasant experience!

    Here are two options you have to solve this caster maintenance problem, depending on the casters you have.


    Non-R&B Casters

    Non-R&B Casters

    1. If necessary you can open the raceway to clean the bearings and repack them with grease. Ultimately, an open raceway will yield the same problem again and again. Avoid using a degreaser lubricant (like WD-40) as this will be counter-productive.
    1. Next, remove the axle bolt and nut from the caster to remove the debris that has wound around the axle nut and bolt.
    1. Once you have removed the nut and bolt, clean the inside of the caster as much as possible. Clean the nut, bolt and center axle as much as possible with a clean rag. You will likely find that the bearings inside need to be removed and cleaned. 
    1. Replace the nut and bolt until properly tightened. Your customers depend on your carts and expect them to function properly. Depending on how much traffic your laundromat gets, you may have to clean the casters every month. Poorly functioning carts can cost you customers!  

    R&B's "Clean Wheel System" Casters

    R&B's Clean Wheel System

    R&B Wire’s patented "Clean Wheel System" casters, come standard on all of our laundry carts. These 5" casters are equipped with our proprietary "Clean Wheel System", featuring our plastic raceway cover and Thread Guard, both designed to minimize any debris pick up. If they ever do pick up any debris, it should be easily removed. We are proud to say that these casters are designed to be virtually maintenance free!


    R&B Wire Products Ramps Up Antimicrobial Product Line

    Santa Ana, CA (July 18, 2016) -- R&B Wire Products announces their complete line of Antimicrobial products, including their Antimicrobial Laundry Carts (100E/ANTI, 200F/ANTI, 201H/ANTI), Antimicrobial Triangular Hamper Stand (669/ANTI), Vinyl Basket Truck W/ Antimicrobial Liner (406SO/ANTI-424SO/ANTI) and Antimicrobial Privacy Screens (PSS-3/AML, PSS-3C/AML). Click here to view the complete line.

    These products feature an Antimicrobial additive which is designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and provide an unprecedented level of cleanliness for employees and guests alike.  These products are designed to help facilities meet strict health codes and regulations.

    R&B also offers Antimicrobial hamper bags and covers in a variety of colors for maximum protection.

    These product lines will ensure facilities an added level of protection to minimize bacteria while enhancing cleanliness – showing customers that they care.  Additional information and pricing is available by visiting or calling 800-634-0555. 

    Antimicrobial Basket TruckAntimicrobial Laundry CartAntimicrobial Privacy ScreenAntimicrobial Triangular Hamper Stand

    Antimicrobial Laundry Cart Line

    A NEW product innovation from the “Leader in Laundry Carts”!  R&B Wire Products announces their NEW Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Cart line.  This new Antimicrobial powder option creates the FIRST wire laundry carts with an Antimicrobial powder coated base, basket and bumper that inhibits the growth of bacteria – providing a new level of cleanliness by preventing bacteria from sustaining life on the surface of the carts.  The entire base, basket and rack has an Antimicrobial additive incorporated into the coating for lasting protection. This coating is put through strict quality testing and is in accordance with ISO22196, the international standard.  The proprietary antimicrobial blend present in this coating is not only effective, but also environmentally sustainable.

     Additionally, this cart’s antimicrobial bumper adds an additional layer of protection not only against microbes but also against damage to equipment and walls. 

    R&B also offers Antimicrobial basket liners and complete cover kits in Antimicrobial vinyl for maximum protection.  Additional options and carts are being evaluated and will be added to this Antimicrobial line in the near future.

     This NEW product line is offered in three size options – 100E/ANTI (2 ½ bushel), 200F/ANTI (4 ½ bushel) and 201H/ANTI (6 bushel) with options for double pole and single pole racks, all with our antimicrobial coating

    This new offering will allow any laundry, healthcare facility or alternative environment to have the added level of protection to minimize bacteria while enhancing cleanliness – showing your customers that you care.  Additional information and pricing is available by emailing or calling us at (800)-634-0555.


    Deter Laundry Basket Sitters!

    Are you tired of customers putting their children in your laundry carts? Sick of teenagers damaging laundry carts with “Evel Knievel” stunts? Not only does this annoy other customers, it also poses a major danger and liability to these wannabe stuntmen and other customers in your laundromat.

    R&B Wire Products launched the Basket Inhibitor (100BSKINSRT) in order to deter potential basket sitters. This device is designed to make it extremely uncomfortable for someone to sit in the laundry cart, while not inhibiting the performance capabilities of the cart itself. The strong 9 gauge wire has a clean look with a white powder coated finish. This device fits all of our 100 series laundry carts and comes with hardware.

    If you have issues with basket sitters, this product is a must for your laundromat. Only available from R&B Wire Products – “The Leader in Laundry Carts”.


    R&B Wire Products Celebrates July 4th

    R&B Wire was created in California in 1946 as our troops were returning home from World War II. R&B Wire began during the postwar economic boom, when American manufacturing was shifting its focus from making war equipment to creating useful products for everyday Americans. It was the perfect storm for launching our first laundry cart as the Self Service Coin Laundry industry was just beginning. By pairing the need for laundry equipment with American manufacturing expertise, we created our first laundry cart.

    As a company based in America and run by three generations of proud Americans, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July, including our troops and veterans whose service we are thankful for!

    R&B Wire Products – Proudly serving our customers, standing behind our troops and supporting our nation since 1946.Happy 4th of JulyProud to Support Our Troops

    70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

    Dear R&B Customers,

    Our products have the benefit of our experience behind every single one of them.  To celebrate our 70th year of business, we have evolved our brand, our website, our product, and our company to further solidify that we are in this together as your trusted partner - one who stands by our product with the integrity that the R&B Wire name has become synonymous with.
    For generations we have been designing and manufacturing products that solve problems that have troubled you, our customer and peer in the industry.
    We make tools that make your business better.  This website is the latest one that we have painstakingly built so that you can better sell our product.
    Expect much more from us, as we are embarking on a journey to create content that will as clearly and cohesively explain our product and the level of detail that goes into each one.
    Please do not hesitate to let us know any way to make your R&B Wire experience better.


    Thank you very much,

    Rick Rawlins, CEO

     Celebrating 70 Years

    Laundry Carts & Utility Products


    R&B Wire Partners with KidWorks OC


    R&B Wire CEO Rick Rawlins is thanked by the KidWorks children for his role on the Board of Directors


    R&B Wire Products is proud of its ongoing involvement with KidWorks OC.  Also located in Santa Ana, CA, KidWorks OC started in 1993 in a tiny apartment as an after school program designed to give children living in at-risk neighborhoods a safe haven.

    According to, "KidWorks has grown into a vibrant community development non-profit that serves central Santa Ana through life-changing education enrichment and leadership development programs. KidWorks provides a fully licensed preschool, after-school programs, tutoring, mentoring, and adult services in the areas of health, parenting classes, and support groups."

    As stated by KidWorks Executive Director, David Benavides, "Rick Rawlins and R&B Wire Products have been strong supporters of KidWorks for years.  We are grateful for Rick's leadership and service on our Board of Directors.  Together we are giving at-risk youth the tools to thrive academically as we build up the next generation of community leaders."

     At R&B Wire, we value giving back to the community and investing in the futures of these young leaders. 

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