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Wire shelving units are designed to organize supplies efficiently in your facility by utilizing vertical space, maximizing storage capacity. At R&B Wire Products, we manufacture a wide selection of heavy-duty wire shelving units made with a durable wire construction that can handle heavy loads while maintaining its structural integrity.

Versatile and Practical Metal Wire Shelving

Wire shelves allow for airflow to promote better air circulation that can help keep goods fresh for longer. Our shelves are also adjustable at different heights to accommodate the storage of bulky or lightweight items. Our collection of standard wire shelving units includes:

  • Wire shelving units
  • Accessory baskets
  • Chrome-plated side and back enclosure panels for shelving units
  • Chrome-plated wire shelves
  • Nylon covers for shelving units
  • White ABS textured protective sheet insert

Talk to Our Industry Experts

Industry-grade wire shelving units for materials or laundry handling and storage are a great solution for better organization and improved space utilization in busy facilities. Whether it's wire shelving for use in an industrial warehouse, wire shelving for a retail store, or wire shelving for use in the workplace, R&B Wire Products has you covered.

Enjoy exceptional strength and durability designed to last for years of heavy use. Get in touch with us today. Our sales experts are ready and willing to help you find the perfect unit that fits all of your needs.

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