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Single Garment Rack

R&B Wire's single garment racks are tough enough to handle virtually any environment. We make our industrial clothing racks with high-quality materials and design them to maximize storage capacity while preventing clothes from wrinkling. Our largest industrial-grade single garment rack can handle up to 175 pounds, and a commercial garment rack with a cover protects clothing from moisture, dust, and dirt. It's the perfect solution for businesses such as medical facilities, clinics, hospitality, and any business that needs to protect clothing from the environment.

High-Quality Industrial Clothing Racks

Since 1946, R&B Wire Products has manufactured commercial laundry and linen transportation equipment. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial garment racks, and companies from many industries use our products. In addition to our industrial clothing racks and commercial garment rack with covers, we offer wire shelving, linen trucks, turnabout trucks, poly trucks, vinyl basket trucks, privacy screens, medical hampers, and more. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that our products meet the highest standards.

R&B Wire's single garment rack is a heavy-duty, industrial-strength clothing rack that's perfect for storing clothes in a commercial setting. Basket shelves for our racks are made of industrial-grade, chrome-finished steel wire and are sturdy and space-efficient.

We also offer a complete lineup of double garment racks, Z-style racks, and nylon cover kits to protect your garments from dust and surrounding environments. Our nylon cover kits are available in navy, blue, bright yellow, gray-green, white, light blue, light yellow, and light mauve. All R&B Wire garment racks are built to last and made in the USA.

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When it comes to wardrobe management and linen transportation, our sturdy industrial clothing rack or commercial garment rack with covers from R&B Wire is the most dependable choice. We have high-capacity options for companies that need heavy-duty applications as well. Contact us or call (800) 634-0555 for more information or to speak to an expert!

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