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Vinyl Basket Trucks Accessories

For the laundry, hospitality, janitorial, and healthcare industries, R&B Wire® has been tried, tested, and validated as the premier source for basket truck accessories. We offer spring platform lifts to simplify loading and unloading processes, and flame-retardant and antimicrobial soft basket truck covers that feature elastic shock corded rims for a tight fit.

Streamline Your Operations with Basket Truck Upgrades

With a rich history dating back to 1946, R&B has cemented its position as the industry leader, renowned for its commitment to innovation and exceptional product quality. Our expertise in the wire, tubular, poly, and vinyl bushel products industry serves diverse sectors, including coin laundry, healthcare, hospitality, janitorial supply, material handling, and car washes.

For decades, we’ve helped our distributors and customers streamline day-to-day operations with innovative basket truck accessories for bumper trucks. We supply an array of options to optimize your material handling functionality. Our basket truck covers make the work atmosphere more pleasant and facilitate smooth operations in any environment.

Trust R&B Wire for Superior Performance

When you need superior products and maximum performance, trust R&B Wire® . With our extensive lineup of laundry carts, hampers, utility carts, privacy screens, and more, our expertise is unrivaled. Innovation is the driving force behind our product designs, as seen in our antimicrobial wire carts, facility-protecting air cushion bumpers, and lint-deflecting Clean Wheel System™ casters. Upgrade your equipment today to experience the difference. Don’t wait. Contact our experts and take your efficiency to new heights!

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