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Wire Shelving Enclosure Panels

R&B Wire Products, an industry titan since 1946, offers unparalleled manufacturing capabilities in wire, tubular, poly, and vinyl bushel products. Our product range extends to wire shelving enclosure panels, crafted with precision and tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. Catering to the laundry, hospitality, janitorial, and healthcare sectors, we've raised the bar for hospitals, government offices, the military, USPS, and large corporations. 


We're proud to introduce these long-lasting panels, which economically convert open shelving units to 3-sided enclosures to prevent contents from sliding off the back or sides. Each panel embodies the quality and durability we're known for, so you get a reliable storage solution you can depend on. Our stationary wire shelving category features several material handling solutions, including standard wire shelving, wire shelving covers, solid bottom wire shelving, and accessories. As the gold standard for over 75 years, we stand out for our superior high-volume custom manufacturing capabilities across various industries. 


When you need wire shelf panels or any industrial-grade material handling solutions for your facility, R&B Wire's American-made products are your best choice. Our durable designs add efficiency and longevity to your business operations. Don't compromise on quality; upgrade your wire shelving units with our enclosure panels today. Your business deserves the best, and that's what R&B Wire offers. Act now and experience the difference.

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