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We bring you a collection of heavy-duty poly trucks designed to provide efficient handling of laundry, housekeeping, materials, janitorial procedures, and other general transport and storage needs. With poly trucks, you can easily transport bulky loads such as soiled linen, bagged waste, janitorial supplies, and more with ease. At R&B Wire Products, we make it easy for you to find the perfect poly bulk trucks for all your facility needs. Whether you need a laundry truck cart, medical facility poly trucks, or car wash facility poly trucks, we have exactly what you need.

Strong, Durable, and Easy to Maintain

When it comes to collecting and transporting bulk materials such as small parcel packages, textiles, bottles, general waste, or any other materials, poly bulk carts are the way to go. Our poly trucks offer sturdy construction that is easy to maintain and can handle both small loads as well as heavy ones without much effort. Whatever your needs are, poly trucks are the perfect choice for their durability, strength, beneficial weight capacity, reliability, and simple maneuverability.

We have everything from poly bulk trucks, super-wide flare trucks, economy poly trucks, standard poly trucks to the all-new revolutionary poly bumper trucks designed with a top rim soft vinyl bumper that provides 360-degree protection for walls, doors, and equipment across your facility. All of our poly trucks resist water, oils, grease, solvents, and many other chemicals, making them easy to clean.

Upgrade your Facility’s Efficiency

We manufacture bulk-size poly trucks in various colors to simplify sorting and collecting. Explore our wide selection of sizes, shapes, and colors of poly bulk trucks to find the right solution for your bulk transportation needs today. Need any help? Contact our experts.

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