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Extra Shelves

For adding shelves to a single wire shelving unit, R&B Wire's lineup of extra shelves for wire shelving offers exceptional durability. We construct each shelf with chrome plating for a superior finish. The weight capacity of each unit is 500 pounds and is ideal for commercial industries such as laundry, healthcare, hospitality, janitorial supply, manufacturing, and more.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Our shelves allow you to maximize your storage space efficiently. As an industry leader since 1946, we built our reputation by consistently delivering high-quality products. We design solid shelves for wire shelving as accessories for our stationary and rolling wire shelving units. These extra shelves for wire shelving provide a practical solution for organizing linens, parts, and other materials. With the different sizing options, customizing your workplace to suit your needs becomes one less task to be concerned with. We believe innovation keeps us ahead of the competition, and our product improvements set us apart in the material handling industry. With our high-volume custom manufacturing capabilities, R&B Wire Products caters to diverse industries, offering durable and reliable solutions for all your storage requirements.

Choose R&B Wire for Enhanced Stability and Safety

For enhanced stability and safety in your storage, there's no better choice than R&B Wire. We've committed ourselves to quality and durability to ensure your valuable items remain secure, protecting them from damage or mishandling. With a wide range of extra shelves for wire shelving, you can trust R&B WIRE® to meet your storage needs. Don't settle for subpar options that compromise the safety of your belongings. Take the first step towards a safer and more organized space. Upgrade to our solid shelves for wire shelving today and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior stability and security.

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