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Z Racks

R&B Wire's commercial-grade Z racks are designed to maximize storage capacity, helping you to organize and transport hanging garments while preventing wrinkling. Our complete line of high-quality garment racks include single, double and Z-Racks to meet all of your clothing storage needs. These racks feature unique properties, such as nesting capabilities and 1" heavy-duty steel tubing construction. Each unit safely handles weights ranging from 150 to 300 pounds, and non-marking casters increase mobility throughout your facility.

Durable Z Racks for Clothes & Garments

R&B Wire Products is the industry leader in manufacturing durable Z racks. Optional cover kits and accessories are available for these tacks, just like for our single and double garment rack units. With a history dating back to 1946, R&B has established itself as the standard in the material handling industry. Our commitment to innovation and leadership ensures continuous product improvements and uncompromising quality. R&B's extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer a wide range of diversified products across various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, laundry, and more. Trust R&B Wire Products for your current needs, and experience the unmatched durability and functionality that have made us the preferred choice in the market.

Organize Your Facility With R&B Wire

Organize your facility with the reliable and efficient solutions provided by R&B WIRE®. Our extensive range of products, including Z racks for clothes and garments, are designed to streamline your storage needs. With R&B WIRE®, you can equip your facility with durable, high-quality solutions that will stand the test of time. Don't settle for a cluttered and disorganized space. Take control of your facility's organization and efficiency by choosing R&B WIRE®. Upgrade today and experience the difference our Z racks can make in transforming your space.

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