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Leakproof Healthcare Hampers

The proper disposal of soiled linens, laundry, used medical supplies, and other items is important for the health and safety of those in a medical facility. It's also vital in ensuring a clean working environment in hospitals, independent practices, clinics, and operating rooms. At R&B Wire Products, we manufacture a full line of leakproof hamper stands that help maintain safety and health standards in healthcare facilities. Our solutions offer an efficient way to help staff safely sort, collect, and contain potentially hazardous linens.

Enjoy Years of Trouble-Free Service

Our leakproof hampers are made of commercial-grade steel that stands up to years of daily use in healthcare facilities, ensuring years of trouble-free service. If you need medical laundry hampers with leakproof and flame retardant properties, we have everything from single, double, triple to quad leakproof hampers. The leakproof bags used are constructed from commercial-grade vinyl material with welded seams to contain any leaks when handling damp or soiled items.

Our leakproof laundry hampers are available with different color bags and lids for color-coded sorting. Our leakproof hamper stands are available in single, double, triple, and quad variations for efficient sorting and maximum efficiency during room changes.

Reliable Products You Can Trust

Leakproof hampers are just one of the many medical laundry supplies we offer to help you keep your hospital or healthcare facility pristine, clean, and safe. R&B Wire Products is your trusted source for all your medical laundry hamper needs.

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