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In medical facilities, hotels, laundromats, and other environments where maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is vital to our well-being, safeguarding items from elements such as rain, accidental spills, mildew, ultraviolet radiation, and various other external factors becomes a necessity. That's where our high-quality wire rack shelving covers come into play. Our utility cart cover solutions provide exceptional protection and durability to keep your linens, dry storage goods, or other supplies shielded.


At R&B Wire Products, we understand the significance of reliable and durable accessories for your wire shelving. Our covers are indispensable for the smooth, efficient transportation of items within your facility. Crafted from 200 Denier urethane-coated nylon fabric, these covers boast a water-resistant, lightweight, and flexible structure, ensuring maximum protection and longevity. Rely on our wire rack shelving cover for excellent indoor or outdoor transport.

As an industry leader since 1946, we take pride in our innovative approach and high-quality products, such as utility and rolling cart covers. Serving industries like healthcare and janitorial supply, our continuous improvements and gold standard ethos make us the top choice for wire cart technology. Available color options include navy, light blue, blue, bright yellow, light mauve, gray-green, & more to match your facility's architectural aesthetics.


In our commitment to providing top-notch laundry solutions, R&B Wire Products takes pride in our expertly made wire rack shelving covers designed to protect your valuable items. With over 75 years of market-leading experience, we guarantee superior quality and durability in every utility and rolling cart cover we offer.

Safeguarding supplies, tools, laundry, and linens become effortlessly achievable when you choose R&B products offering unbeatable protection against dust, dirt, and potential damage. So equip your facility with the best item protection and experience the difference today. Contact our experts to learn more about R&B Wire Products and material handling solutions.

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