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Wire Laundry Cart Liners & Covers

At R&B Wire, we provide exceptional laundry cart liners and laundry cart covers tailored to meet the needs of medical facilities, hospitality, car washes, janitorial services, and laundromats. Our wide range comprises antimicrobial caps and covers, antimicrobial liners, nylon basket covers, nylon basket liners, and support frames and covers. Our antimicrobial options help prevent bacteria growth, making them ideal for the medical and hospitality industries.

Innovative Material Handling Solutions Since 1946

As a diversified manufacturer with an industry-leading reputation, R&B Wire Products continuously commits to innovation and product improvement within the wire laundry carts, large-capacity laundry carts, and elevated laundry carts categories. Our high-quality laundry cart liners perform exceptionally well in the healthcare, hospitality, laundry, janitorial, and car wash sectors.

Elevate the look of your laundry operation while keeping your contents safe with our laundry cart covers. Not only do these covers provide protection, they also add a touch of professionalism and style. To match the design of your facility, our liners and covers are available in a variety of color choices. Experience the difference that R&B Wire Products' liners and covers can make in achieving enhanced productivity and organization for your business.

For Maximum Efficiency Choose R&B Wire

With over 75 years of industry-leading experience, we're proud to say our exceptional laundry cart liners and covers are a true testament to R&B Wire's dedication to innovation, performance, and leadership. Our premium quality products provide the durability and protection laundry carts need in high-traffic areas, and they enhance efficiency and organization in any laundry setting.

Don't settle for less - experience the R&B Wire difference and boost your laundry operation's productivity today! Take us for a spin and learn how our products can revolutionize how you handle laundry and linens from now on.

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