Protect Your Facility with R&B's Bumper Trucks | Video

Learn how facilities are saving tens of thousands of dollars annually with our revolutionaryPoly and Vinyl Bumper Trucks.

Our entire line of Bumper Trucks was designed to protect your facility.
This top rim soft vinyl bumper provides 360 degree protection for walls, doors, and equipment.

The loudest complaint we have continually heard from facility managers over the years is that all of the transport products used in facilities are not made to protect the facility.  When trucks and carts hit walls, doors and equipment, they can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage annually. These are real and ongoing costs that facilities incur year after year. Now there is a solution!

R&B’s market research concluded that facilities in hospitality, healthcare, education and other industries are spending anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually repairing damage from transport products. The truth is, most transport products are built to last but not built to protect the facilities. R&B has worked diligently to develop products that are unique and will meet the needs of our customers and we have heard the complaints loud and clear about damage. After significant research and testing, R&B introduced the first Vinyl Basket Truck with a  Fully Sewn Non-Marking Top Rim Air Cushion Bumper. A truck built to protect your facility and save you money! This product has had rave reviews from the onset and has made a dramatic impact immediately across all markets. 

Now R&B has introduced an option to provide this same great protection on our Standard Poly Truck Line with a mounted version of this top rim non-marking bumper. Now you have a choice of dual facility protection – only from R&B Wire Products and our network of international distributors.