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R&B Wire Products Ramps Up Antimicrobial Product Line

Santa Ana, CA (July 18, 2016) -- R&B Wire Products announces their complete line of Antimicrobial products, including their Antimicrobial Laundry Carts (100E/ANTI, 200F/ANTI, 201H/ANTI), Antimicrobial Triangular Hamper Stand (669/ANTI), Vinyl Basket Truck W/ Antimicrobial Liner (406SO/ANTI-420SO/ANTI) and Antimicrobial Privacy Screens (PSS-3/AML, PSS-3C/AML). Click here to view the complete line.

These products feature an Antimicrobial additive which is designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and provide an unprecedented level of cleanliness for employees and guests alike.  These products are designed to help facilities meet strict health codes and regulations.

R&B also offers Antimicrobial hamper bags and covers in a variety of colors for maximum protection.

These product lines will ensure facilities an added level of protection to minimize bacteria while enhancing cleanliness – showing customers that they care.  Additional information and pricing is available by visiting www.rbwire.com or calling 800-634-0555. 

Antimicrobial Basket TruckAntimicrobial Laundry CartAntimicrobial Privacy ScreenAntimicrobial Triangular Hamper Stand

Antimicrobial Laundry Cart Line

A NEW product innovation from the “Leader in Laundry Carts”!  R&B Wire Products announces their NEW Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Cart line.  This new Antimicrobial powder option creates the FIRST wire laundry carts with an Antimicrobial powder coated base, basket and bumper that inhibits the growth of bacteria – providing a new level of cleanliness by preventing bacteria from sustaining life on the surface of the carts.  The entire base, basket and rack has an Antimicrobial additive incorporated into the coating for lasting protection. This coating is put through strict quality testing and is in accordance with ISO22196, the international standard.  The proprietary antimicrobial blend present in this coating is not only effective, but also environmentally sustainable.

 Additionally, this cart’s antimicrobial bumper adds an additional layer of protection not only against microbes but also against damage to equipment and walls. 

R&B also offers Antimicrobial basket liners and complete cover kits in Antimicrobial vinyl for maximum protection.  Additional options and carts are being evaluated and will be added to this Antimicrobial line in the near future.

 This NEW product line is offered in three size options – 100E/ANTI (2 ½ bushel), 200F/ANTI (4 ½ bushel) and 201H/ANTI (6 bushel) with options for double pole and single pole racks, all with our antimicrobial coating

This new offering will allow any laundry, healthcare facility or alternative environment to have the added level of protection to minimize bacteria while enhancing cleanliness – showing your customers that you care.  Additional information and pricing is available by emailing sales@rbwire.com or calling us at (800)-634-0555.


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