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Protect Your Facility with R&B's Bumper Trucks | Video

The loudest complaint we have continually heard from facility managers over the years is that all of the transport products used in facilities are not made to protect the facility.  When trucks and carts hit walls, doors and equipment, they can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage annually.  These are real and ongoing costs that facilities incur year after year.  Now there is a solution!


R&B’s market research concluded that facilities in hospitality, healthcare, education and other industries are spending anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually repairing damage from transport products.  The truth is, most transport products are built to last but not built to protect the facilities.  R&B has worked diligently to develop products that are unique and will meet the needs of their customers and we have heard the complaints loud and clear about damage.  After significant research and testing, R&B introduced the first Vinyl Basket Truck with a  Fully Sewn Non-Marking Top Rim Air Cushion Bumper.  A truck built to protect your facility and save you money!  This product has had rave reviews from the onset and has made a dramatic impact immediately across all markets. 

Now R&B has introduced an option to provide this same great protection on our Standard Poly Truck Line with a mounted version of this top rim non-marking bumper.  Now you have a choice of dual facility protection – only from R&B Wire Products and our network of international distributors.



Caster FAQ's

Caster FAQ's

What's the benefit of a 'diamond caster pattern'?

A diamond caster pattern is best for moving heavy loads over uneven surfaces where the rocking effect of the diamond pattern (2 larger casters in the middle and 2 smaller casters on each end) allow you to roll the cart or truck with less strain to move a heavy load over a threshold or uneven surface(s).

What's the benefit of 'two rigid/two swivel casters'?

With larger loads it is much easier to steer with two rigid or fixed casters on one end and two swivel on the other. This allows for the attendant to maneuver the cart or truck with more control and helps facilities prevent from carts hitting walls and doors.

What's the benefit of an 'all swivel caster pattern'?

Four corner all swivel casters are great for smaller loads and where you need to navigate in and out of elevators or in tight spaces, allowing you to roll easily in any direction. For example, if you want to roll a cart directly in front of a washer or dryer in a tight space, having four corner casters simplifies this process. At times, heavy loads will make it harder to steer straight with four corner swivel casters, which can cause a truck to wander or veer. Caution should always be exercised while transporting materials.

Why larger casters?

Why do you need larger casters? Normally they are rated for higher weight capacities. A larger caster will have a larger wheel width, allowing the weight to be more evenly distributed over the width of the wheel, which makes it easier to roll. Semi-pneumatic casters and pneumatic casters will also be quieter when rolling on certain surfaces.

What is a "quiet caster"?

A "quiet caster" normally refers to a semi-pneumatic or full pneumatic caster. These are used in instances where there is a need for less noise ("wheel chatter"). These are usually larger wheel size casters of 6", 8", 10" or greater and have wider wheel footprints with softer material that should always be non-marking. The semi-pneumatic has an air or foam internal channel allowing for cushioning. The full pneumatic is an air filled tire just like a car tire.

Why choose one over the other? Both are expensive but the full pneumatic is usually more costly. Secondly, a full pneumatic can get a flat tire while a semi-pneumatic cannot. Both are quiet and can solve many noise related issues.

What are the components of a caster?

There are several components to casters – themetal yoke, the top raceway, the wheel and the internalwheel bearings. What are all these? The metal yoke is the housing that the wheel is mounted to, which allows the caster to roll. It is very important to have yokes that areheat treated orcase hardened to make the metal harder and stronger. A yoke that is not heat treated will easily score with a screw driver or hard object, which means the metal is soft and can wear out more easily than if case hardened or heat treated.

Swivel casters have a top raceway where the bearing system allows the caster to rotate 360 degrees - increasing maneuverability. If the yoke is not heat treated these bearings can wear down the inside of the raceway and allow the bearings to become sloppy, causing the raceway to fail.

The material the wheels are made of varies widely and is very important - and softness or hardness matters! Many quality, non-marking wheels are made from polyurethane or TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). Many other wheels that are less expensive are made of inferior materials which can mark floors. Make sure to ask what the wheels are made of and if they are non-marking. We are proud to say that all R&B casters are non-marking!

The internal bearing(s) for the wheel itself makes it roll smoothly and straight. Inexpensive casters may not even have a wheel bearing. Open bearing systems are vulnerable to debris, which make them noisier and less efficient. A single or dual sealed bearing system is much more desirable as it enhances their effectiveness and life. A sealed bearing prevents debris from damaging the bearing which keeps the caster rolling smoothly for years. In the end you get what you pay for, so know what you are buying.

The Components of a Caster

R&B In The Media

As a staple of coin laundries worldwide since 1946, our R&B Wire laundry carts
have made appearances in countless movies, television shows
and other forms of media.
Check out some of our R&B Wire in the Media favorites!

R&B laundry cart in a Seinfeld episode
The pilot episode of Seinfeld features a
R&B laundry cart 100E58 in our almond color.

R&B Wire carts in Anchorman 2
"I love cart" -- Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig, of Anchorman 2, stand
next to 100E58 equipped with our 907 R&B Wire Rack Extenders.

R&B Wire carts in Desperate Housewives
This magazine advertisement for Desperate Housewives features
R&B Wire Cart 100E58.

R&B Wire 100E58 in The Carbonaro Effect
The Carbonaro Effect features our 100E58 and our 100T58 outfitted
with a Rack Extender (907).

R&B Wire 100E58
This coin laundry scene from Wayne's World shows a vintage 100E58.

R&B Wire 100E58 cart in Friends
In an attempt to reclaim the laundry cart from another customer, Jennifer Aniston
of Friends sits in the R&B Wire 100E58. This particular basket features a vinyl coating
in our almond color.
*Please do not sit or ride in/on any of our products*

R&B Wire cart in Catch Me if You Can
Tom Hanks uses our 100E R&B Wire laundry cart in Catch Me if You Can.

R&B laundry cart in The Americans
Alison Wright of The Americans sits in a coin laundry with a vintage R&B Wire 100E.

Third Generation Rawlins Joins R&B Team

Press Release

For Immediate Release

August 11, 2016

Third Generation Rawlins Joins R&B Wire Products

Santa Ana, California --R&B Wire Products

CEO Rick Rawlins is pleased to announce the third generation Rawlins as the newest member of the team. The addition of Grant Rawlins comes exactly 50 years after his grandfather, Rea Rawlins, purchased the company, and 42 years after his father, Rick, joined.

Grant graduated in April from Pepperdine University with his Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. He stated that he looks forward to bringing his team-focused mentality to the company which was taught to him by his water polo coaches (6x Olympian Terry Schroeder and current Olympic goalie Merrill Moses) during his collegiate career. Grant stated, “I’m looking forward to contributing to the company’s success while continuing the legacy that my grandfather started 50 years ago.”

Frank Rowe, VP, Sales & Marketing expressed, “This is a great legacy at R&B for Grant to be involved in with such a rich family history and being able to take his education and put it into use immediately. His athletic training is a testament to his drive and focus which is a huge plus for our team.”

Rick Rawlins stated, “I’m excited to see Grant pairing his Pepperdine marketing education with R&B’s global strategy in order to secure the company’s growing position as the industry leader.”


Santa Ana-based R&B Wire Products is a diversified manufacturer of wire, tubular, poly, and vinyl bushel products. In addition, they also offer small and large scale custom manufacturing. R&B Wire’s product line serves the coin-laundry, healthcare, hospitality, laundry, janitorial supply, material handling and car wash sectors. As the industry leader, R&B is the standard in the laundry cart business, and has been since its inception in 1946. Immediate Press Release: Third Generation Grant Rawlins Joins R&B Team
Rea and Rick in 1976
40 Years Later: Rick and Grant in 2016
Please also see the Press Release at AmericanCoinOp.com

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