R&B In The Media

As a staple of coin laundries worldwide since 1946, our R&B Wire laundry carts
have made appearances in countless movies, television shows
and other forms of media.
Check out some of our R&B Wire in the Media favorites!

R&B laundry cart in a Seinfeld episode
The pilot episode of Seinfeld features a
R&B laundry cart 100E58 in our almond color.

R&B Wire carts in Anchorman 2
"I love cart" -- Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig, of Anchorman 2, stand
next to 100E58 equipped with our 907 R&B Wire Rack Extenders.

R&B Wire carts in Desperate Housewives
This magazine advertisement for Desperate Housewives features
R&B Wire Cart 100E58.

R&B Wire 100E58 in The Carbonaro Effect
The Carbonaro Effect features our 100E58 and our 100T58 outfitted
with a Rack Extender (907).

R&B Wire 100E58
This coin laundry scene from Wayne's World shows a vintage 100E58.

R&B Wire 100E58 cart in Friends
In an attempt to reclaim the laundry cart from another customer, Jennifer Aniston
of Friends sits in the R&B Wire 100E58. This particular basket features a vinyl coating
in our almond color.
*Please do not sit or ride in/on any of our products*

R&B Wire cart in Catch Me if You Can
Tom Hanks uses our 100E R&B Wire laundry cart in Catch Me if You Can.

R&B laundry cart in The Americans
Alison Wright of The Americans sits in a coin laundry with a vintage R&B Wire 100E.