R&B Wire Products Celebrates July 4th

R&B Wire was created in California in 1946 as our troops were returning home from World War II. R&B Wire began during the postwar economic boom, when American manufacturing was shifting its focus from making war equipment to creating useful products for everyday Americans. It was the perfect storm for launching our first laundry cart as the Self Service Coin Laundry industry was just beginning. By pairing the need for laundry equipment with American manufacturing expertise, we created our first laundry cart.

As a company based in America and run by three generations of proud Americans, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July, including our troops and veterans whose service we are thankful for!

R&B Wire Products – Proudly serving our customers, standing behind our troops and supporting our nation since 1946.Happy 4th of JulyProud to Support Our Troops