The Importance of Antimicrobial Barriers During the Pandemic

A food service cashier wearing a mask and working behind a clear antimicrobial barrier

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging environment for businesses that have to continue providing products and services while keeping their customers and employees safe. Apart from enforcing mask mandates, sanitization of hands, and ensuring that social distancing measures are implemented, more businesses are also considering antimicrobial barriers. Solutions like portable sneeze guards allow employees to continue their work by reducing exposure to themselves when working in high-traffic customer/employee interaction points. 

If you're considering installing antimicrobial screens or guards in your business or workplace, you're taking a critical step that will ensure everyone's safety. Why are antimicrobial barriers important? Read on. 

Protect Staff Who are in Contact With Customers

By installing spacing screens and antimicrobial sneeze-guard dividers on counters and desks in pharmacies, retail stores, banks, offices, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, groceries, shops, bars, and businesses open to the public, you get to protect the people working in these establishments, not just your customers. When you consider that workers interact with customers for hours, you can see how portable sneeze guards and antimicrobial barriers are a necessary part of an infection prevention program in your business. 

By providing fixed or portable antimicrobial barriers for businesses open to the public, workers have another line of defense against catching the COVID-19 coronavirus, colds, or the flu from their coworkers or customers. By providing reliable protective measures in your business, you allow staff members to work without worrying about cross-contamination in the workplace.

Assure Customers of Reduced Risk of Cross-Contamination

Another important reason for installing antimicrobial barriers is to ensure that customers are assured of a reduced risk of cross-contamination. Different portable sneeze barriers help prevent the spread of germs from infected people as well as help protect retail or service workers from possible contamination through contact with sick individuals. Antimicrobial screens and surfaces are designed to help prevent the spread of infection.  

Portable sneeze guards should be used in retail settings such as grocery stores, restaurants, or hospitals that wish to protect both customers and employees during the pandemic. The use of protective barriers and partitions in high-traffic areas helps maintain a healthy environment and encourages peace of mind for your customers. 

Inhibit the Growth of Microbes on Surfaces

By installing antimicrobial guards, you get to inhibit the growth of pathogens on the surface of the product. These screens come with a special antimicrobial additive that is designed to combat microbes around the clock, to provide an added level of cleanliness. This helps to ensure that your business is still serving the public while keeping service quality and safety standards intact. When necessary, portable sneeze guards and screens are easy to clean, requiring only a clean towel and disinfectant spray.

They Can be Used in a Variety of Environments

The good thing about antimicrobial barriers is that they can be used in a variety of environments. Portable sneeze guards can be used anywhere from cash counters in supermarkets, discount stores, and convenience stores to service counters, counter desks to shops. They are lightweight, portable, and versatile, making them easy to install, move or relocate if necessary. These barriers can be aligned in sequence to create an even safer continuous barrier.

Whatever business industry you're in and so long as your employees are interacting with customers or clients, you need to make sure they are safe. Microorganisms and viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus can be transmitted via airborne droplets, which is why your employees need to have access to protective barriers.

Keeps Customers Feeling Safe

woman using hand sanitizer at a business

There's no doubt that businesses that go the extra mile to ensure a safe environment for both employees and customers are going to gain a distinct edge over the competition. Portable sneeze guards are just one of many tools that businesses can use in order to keep their work environment safe and healthy for everyone involved. Antimicrobial screens prevent cross-contamination between surfaces, prevent diseases and viruses from spreading, and are practical and efficient for any type of business.

Businesses that invest in protective solutions during the pandemic will be able to attract more clients, make a better impression on existing clientele, increase employee productivity and satisfaction levels, and improve overall business morale. With a variety of options available in the market, businesses have an opportunity to take their establishment to the next level of functionality and formality.

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