R&B Wire Products Launches Antimicrobial Poly Trucks



MARCH 5, 2020



Santa Ana, CA - R&B Wire Products announces the launch of a new line of antimicrobial poly trucks, adding to the extensive family of antimicrobial material handling products - the broadest product line of its kind on the market.  Infused with a proprietary broad spectrum antimicrobial additive, these new antimicrobial poly trucks are designed to inhibit the growth of microbes on the poly surface, providing the cleanest surface and cleanest trucks possible.  This upgraded option is available on all sizes and models of R&B’s poly trucks, in blue, green and white.

This new product line is being added to R&B’s already expansive line of antimicrobial products, including wire laundry carts, vinyl basket trucks, privacy screens, hampers, hamper bags, covers and liners.

Frank Rowe, VP of Sales, stated, “Incorporating the antimicrobial additive into the material of these products provides an unprecedented level of cleanliness, not just in the short term, but for the lives of the products themselves.”

Mr. Rowe went on to say, “Another key advantage of our antimicrobial line of trucks, both the poly and the vinyl, is the optional Asset Protection air-cushion bumper feature. The bumpers on these trucks help protect walls, doors, door frames and equipment from preventable damage, keeping facilities looking their best while minimizing repair and maintenance costs. ”

Jeff Gervais, Chief Operating Officer, stated, “With the heightened focus on sterilization in the marketplace at this time, we felt it was necessary to expand our offering of microbe-inhibiting products.”

 For more information on R&B’s full offering of antimicrobial products, visit www.rbwire.com/collections/all-antimicrobial or call 800-634-0555.


Since 1946, R&B Wire Products has been a leader in the laundry linen transportation and storage industry.  Known for their “Leadership Through Innovation” philosophy, they actively develop proprietary lines of products that solve industry problems and address needs.  This solution-oriented approach has been instrumental in the development of many of R&B Wire Products current line of products, including our full line of antimicrobial carts and trucks.